SET-plan and EU-programs


Revision of the SET-Plan Deep Geothermal Implementation Plan for 2021 has started, and the Deep Geothermal Implementation Working Group (IWG-DG, has submitted the document to open consultation. The SET-plan is linked to the area of 'Research, innovation and competitiveness' of the Energy Union strategy of the European Commission, and is a governing document for financing in research and innovation programs across SET-plan members (the EU, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Turkey). Horizon 2020 has been the main program for the SET-plan. From 2021 Horizon 2020 will be replaced by Horizon Europe. As leader of the European Energy Research Alliance Joint Program Geothermal (EERA Geothermal), Inga Berre of UiB is vice president of IWG-DG and central in the revision work.

Link to Implementation Plan consultation