GeoEnergy 21

Videos and presentations

IFE - Morten Tjelta
Silica solubility in deep geothermal wells

UiS - Mohsen Assadi
Innovation in Underground Thermal Energy Storages with Borehole

Huisman - Korneel van der Meer
New Applications for Geothermal Developments

UiB - Keile Gavlen
Simulations and analysis of induced seismicity for a hydraulic stimulation test at the Reykjanes geothermal field, Iceland

SINTEF - Sturla Sæther & Hieu Nguyen
HotCaSe - Casing construction for supercritical geothermal power plants

Reykjavik Energy - Bergur Sigfusson
GECO - Geothermal Emission Control

Rasmus Bøckman
Borehole Thermal Energy Storage systems - a key solution for sustainable energy in polar regions

Ruden Energy - Manon Van Goethem

Utilizing the geology to your advantage - hybrid open geo-energy system

NORCE - Kirsti Midttømme and Walter Wheeler
SEE4GEO - Seismoelectric effects for geothermal resource assessment and monitoring

GTML - Thilo Theloy
Pilot project for de-icing with deep energy wells, Oslo Airport

Equinor - Carsten Sørlie

ISOR - Arni Magnusson
Geothermal power production in Iceland - State of the art and remaining challenges

Keynote 2, Thor Erik Musæus

Geothermica, Per Arne Karlsen